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Why Profit First?

It's no secret...  We are on a mission here at Mariga CPA.

We are eradicating Entrepreneurial Poverty!!

We find business owners work hard.  In fact, we find them to be the hardest working people on any team.  We find that they are the first person in the office in the morning and usually the last to leave at night.  Yet, ironically, in most interviews we conduct, we find that the owner is the last to be paid, the least to be paid, and the one most taken advantage of.  

In some of the most prestigious business schools we are taught... revenue - expenses = profit

However, reality shows us, after all of the expenses are paid, there is rarely anything left over to pay profit.  We are taught to "invest", and we are told "it takes money to make money". Then one day we wake up to find ourselves on the cycle of the proverbial "hamster wheel".

At Mariga CPA we have taken a different approach to the traditional accounting equation.  We have made profit INTENTIONAL, thereby we have re-written the traditional accounting equation.

In addition to being Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) we are Certified Profit First Professionals.  In our Profit First Program, we incorporate the values noted within the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and have been successful in helping many businesses reach record breaking profits. 

For a free copy of the first two chapters of Profit First please click here.

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